Yes I Can! by Adejoke Oyekan is a fabulously written children’s fiction story with positive affirmations that can help build the reader’s self-esteem and confidence. It is an invaluable addition to school and family libraries. I heartily recommend it. - Chigozie A. Mbadugha Multiple Award-winning Author and Editor
Kareni the Dancing Elephant is a story of love, unity and family. The children loved Kareni and treated her like family so it was difficult to let go when she moved to another town. This is a delightful story for children and everyone who loves to read.
The Withering Tongue conserves the energy of a rocket springing into the space of politics and power, unleashing its meteoric power into the sociocultural space of the neocolonial world. This collection, therefore, becomes a useful instrument in understanding post-independence African politics. The imageries employed in the work are evidence of the cerebral ideas that occupy the author's mind, the metaphors there perform their contextual duties so much that even a lay reader of poems would draw familiar knowledge from it. Would we continue to languish in the abyss of mental inferiority, slavery and stagnation? Al-Amin's work in your hand will guide you until you generate ideas, which would be revolutionary and boundary-breaking.
Lara's Lessons: Life through the lens of an adolescent is a masterpiece! This novel exposes several social issues young females unavoidably encounter: peer pressure, parental oversight and first temptations.
In this book, Busola brings her authentic and complete self – unabashed – as she shares her unique story (akin to stuff you see in movies). She broke through barriers to achieve academic excellence and get a plush job – then gave it all away to pursue purpose; the proper education of the African youth. From orphanhood to emerging as the best student in WAEC in West Africa. Destiny Beckons is an inspiring and true-life story that will encourage its readers to push past challenges and overcome obstacles.
Chioma's Dreams is her first children's story book. This book will help every child to believe in themselves, optimistic, build self-confidence and boldness.
"This book is an interesting read and will be a highly welcome addition to the global collection of political biographies of great men." --Dr Uchenna Jerome Urji (Author of International Telecommunications Law and Policy)
This book is literally definitive in the sense that it defines management at the executive level. This is worth reading.
"Unfailing: An Experiential Journey of the Efficacy of God's Word" is a book with true life, rock-bottom stories, with a faith-filled master plan. This book exemplifies the travail of the average woman when there is a delay in conception and delivery. "Unfailing" is highly educative, inspiring and revealing. The practical lessons shared in the book makes it a go-to resource that can be used to navigate through life effectively.
The book is a compilation of short stories, morals and drama. These are extremely powerful short stories with morals, inspiring, enjoyable and entertaining. This is Ibukun's first compiled stories and she has complete control of her style. The book resonates well with children, teenagers and young adults.
Right to Dignity of the Child (Section 11 Child's Right Act) - A child must not be allowed to experience any physical, mental or emotional injury, abuse, neglect or maltreatment. It is wrong to sexually harass or molest anyone, especially children. Also, no one is permitted to touch a child's penis, buttocks, breast or any other part of the body in any way that makes the child feel uncomfortable. Get the book and know your rights.
This book draws deep from a writing tradition of the prophetic that is at the same time sound sense. It is bold, insightful and an example of what it means to write from a deep place. Read it and ensure that the next generation reads it as well. This is timely writing." - Tade Ipadeola @tadepen Winner, Nigeria Prize for Literature 2013.